If everything said was meant to be justified, then there would be nothing left to say!!


Solitude 🖤

Solitude is independence. Its the maturity you get in yourself from actually not feeling depressed of being alone than turning the alone moment into something enlightening. The space you get for self awakening , it helps you bring out the best in You. Solitude is bliss


Why do people get cranky and miserable when they start overthinking about certain things like love or boyfriend issues or parents or peers. What do we gain by just waltzing around wasting the precious time in thinking of the stuffs which are not in our hands to decide!! I mean really a single thought of being normal at whatever we are is taken away from us when we put too much of our brain into it than our heart. A little thinking does no harm but a little overthinking does alot of harm. If you have seen such problems in your friends or anyone that you know off and you can help them , then please do all they need is a listening ears and a shoulder to cry on and a heart that cares enough. Please help them soon because you might loose them in their over calculations they do in their head. I never think any human hurts another being without a reason so please before judging them or trying to ignore them help them to open up so that you don’t have to loose them permanently. Nowadays such cases are increasing rapidly im not saying it’s something to worry about more but it’s something we could give a little attention to and help people who are going through it alone.

Do check this site and try to help around



Things do change for a reason

Its just like changes in every season

Ups and downs in your life are chosen

It all depends on choice of a person

and thats you

Daily dose of love♥️

What is it you do that makes you happy?!

Making oneself happy is a big journey you have to succeed in so many levels. I mean clearly one has to struggle to be self content because each human depends on another to be happy but happiness is not found in others, its found within yourself. Try to be what u actually wish for even if it hurts the person you love the most because if u start sacrificing your own happiness then you can never give happiness to any other human being in this world and no matter what anybody do to make you happy you can never be truely satisfied. Self love is something every being should learn to give themselves to be better in their life. There is a thin line between self love and narcissism. You have to know your limits about being comfortable with yourself and how much you can put you before anyone else. Anyway the point is self love is healthy as long as there is limit for everything. And being able to love yourself can only make your world more beautiful to live in. Give yourself a daily doses of self love and see the difference it makes in your perspective towards life!

Coffee ☕️

This little cup of heaven . Nothing can be more relatable to our life than coffee ☕️ its not just a drink it’s something more. Each and every person you meeet might be different in all kind of ways but there is no person who’s not a coffee person. Its a drink which binds people, its also a conversation starter and importantly a mood setter. You can go to random person and invite them for a coffee and they wont hesitate to come because even though it may sound insane coffee does no harm and hearing the word coffee itself soothes your mind and body. Don’t over think about anything just coffee it 🤣 I know its a lame thing to say but who knows try it out and see you might actually fall head over heals in love with COFFEE . Just try saying coffee…. you actually release a amount of your stress too😌

PUG LiFe…!!


What a great cute-little ugly(not for me though)~looking creature!!!!

Living life like them would definitely be perfect(according to me.//)…

If starting your day by getting

pampered,cuddled,kissed and loved so selflessly was an option for me I would love to stay Pug~ all life.. You get to see your surroundings with those round-big ball eyes 👀 and you get to tilt your head just to grab hell lot of attention♥️( Best way of pulling lots of love towards you ) and…

Being clumsy pug is an extra bonus as it makes you more adorable🤗

What to say you litter around or lick around nothing can stop the LoVe you get…!

As they say Living life like a pug is all you can ever ask for..!!

Donuts are made so tat we do sins by eating them… but we get this feature too in PuG… their donut tails are worth melting for♥️..

It doesn’t end with this because they stil have their fluffy little paws🐾 to pull us towards them👀👀 After all this overwhelming features you still get to fall in love with their cute barks and crying sounds..🙌🏻

What else more you can ask for after getting all such cuteness in one small tiny potato looking~fluffed••snout less four legged-donut tailed beauty…

Its so much more than having a perfect figure and perfect behaviour in two legged-language speaking-so called brainy creatures….!!!

All I can suggest is live your life PuG WaY

Keep PuGgInG PeEps🤘🏻💫